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    Quality Statements

    Pass-Gon Ltd. hereby adopts the ISO 9001 quality management standard, with the aim of providing its customers with a professional and high-quality service in the field of manufacturing reinforced plastic (GRP) products.

    Pass-Gon Ltd., the fiberglass manufacturer, pursues and strives for excellence and professionalism in all areas of its activities while maintaining long-term, fair relations with customers, suppliers and employees.

    Pass-Gon Ltd. considers the satisfaction of the customer to be of utmost importance to its success and existence, and does everything in order to meet their requirements as agreed with them.

    Pass-Gon Ltd. considers its human resource as the most important asset for the achievement of the company’s goals. The company’s management and its employees are obliged to act in all fields of activity, to minimize business risks and allocating the resources required to realize the established quality goals.

    Pass-Gon Ltd. constantly audits the quality of the service and the effectiveness of the quality management system, in order to create a continuous improvement process.

    Pass-Gon Ltd. allocates the needed resources required to provide a quality service, while complying with all legal requirements and relevant regulatory requirements.

    Pass-Gon regards thinking based on risks and opportunities as a decision-making tool.


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