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    Pultrusion Technology

    Pultrusion is a manufacturing process that produces continuous lengths of composite materials with a constant cross-section.

    Pas-Gon’s strong, durable, lightweight, high-performance, fiber-reinforced plastic (FRP), glass-reinforced plastic (GRP), and carbon fiber-reinforced polymer (CFRP) products are not only the perfect alternative to steel, aluminum, or wood, but the preferred choice for use in highly corrosive, extreme environments.

    FRP pultruded products are an excellent electrical insulator when mechanical strength is also required.

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    Producing composite materials

    water saver

    CO emissions during composite production are 2.45 times less than steel production.

    CO2 emissions during composite production are 2.25 times less than aluminum production.

    water saver

    Pollutes 8.15 times less water than steel production.

    Pollutes 6.6 times less water than aluminum production.

    GRP Advantages

    Corrosion Resistant
    Electrical Insulator
    Electromagnetic Transparency
    Thermal Insulator
    99.9% Antibacterial Resin

    CFRP Advantages

    Very Strong

    The Pas-Gon Advantages


    Highly reliable source with repeatable quality


    Short lead time


    Minimum order quantity – less than full container


    CNC, subassembly kits, surface treatment


    Tailor-made fiberglass solutions for any product, with a small initial investment in molds

    Case Studies

    Safety Barriers for Railway & Construction

    Faced with the complexity and evolution of the organization of railway worksites in France and around the world, SOLYTEK innovates and offers technical solutions in line with your operational ...

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    FRP Rebars

    Pas-Gon and Admir Technologies Collaborate on supplying FRP Rebars for Mekorot Water Pipe Project near Bnei Brak, Israel [Bnei Brak, Israel] - Pas-Gon, a leading manufacturer of advanced composite ...

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    Pas-Gon Fiberglass Profiles in Ladders for Electricians

    This case study explores the advantages of using fiberglass profiles in ladders for electricians. Fiberglass profiles offer several unique benefits that make them an ideal choice for professionals working ...

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    The Need for Temporary Polymeric Anchors

    Temporary polymeric anchors are often used in construction and civil engineering projects for various purposes, such as stabilizing soil, securing excavation walls, supporting retaining walls, and anchoring structures. They ...

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    Pas-Gon profiles for Medical Devices

    Glass Fiber-Reinforced Plastic (GFRP) is the ultimate construction material for medical devices, especially MRIs, CTs, ultrasound machines, and other types of scanning equipment. Fiberglass is an excellent material for ...

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    Pas-Gon profiles for Floating Solar Panels (FPV)

    Solar photovoltaic energy is one of the most important and well-established renewable energy sources. For the past few years, floating solar PV has been gaining ground, which, according to ...

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    GRP Insulators for Cantilevers

    The most common materials for the cantilevers in overhead line electrification equipment (OLE) for railways are aluminum tubes with glass insulators at the ends. An approach that has gained ...

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    GRP Fiberglass Corrosion Resistant Solution

    The conditions in coastal areas (those locations about 500 meters from a beach or shoreline ) challenge the use of traditional materials such as steel, galvanized steel, stainless steel, ...

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