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    Pas-Gon profiles for Floating Solar Panels (FPV)

    The Challenge

    Solar photovoltaic energy is one of the most important and well-established renewable energy sources. For the past few years, floating solar PV has been gaining ground, which, according to the World Bank, could double installed capacity. At the moment, it has gone from 61 MW in 2015 to more than 3 GW in 2021, with 688 MW added in 2020 alone.
    In the case of FPV systems, as the solar panels are mainly sited on water bodies, such as lakes, ponds, or reservoirs the main barrier here is the durability of the solar panels and its supporting structures on different water bodies.
    Installations in water are more prone to corrosion and damages resulting out of it. The climate moves the water bodies is normally more humid and will call for materials which can withstand these conditions.

    Our Solution

    Pas-Gon glass-reinforced plastic (GRP) profiles are the perfect solution. Already installed in FPV fields for years, our specially designed profiles are helping some of the most advanced FPV systems withstand the elements, and reduce maintenance and installation costs.

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