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    Insulators for cantilevers

    The Challenge

    The most common materials for the cantilevers in overhead line electrification equipment (OLE) for railways are aluminum tubes with glass insulators at the ends. An approach that has gained popularity in recent years replaces the aluminum tube-glass insulator combination with a glass-reinforced plastic (GRP) composite tube.

    Our Solution

    Today, each glass insulator is connected to the aluminum tube using an adapter and two screws. Each GRP cantilever attached to a pole saves two adapters and four screws.
    Because the thermal expansion coefficient of aluminum is two times greater than glass, the screws need to be inspected and maintained due to temperature difference between seasons. In a typical OLE installation, this would translate into thousands of connections (during installation and maintenance). The reduced number of adapters and screws also improves the reliability of the system.
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    Cantilever (aluminum tubes) with glass insulator

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