Added Lateral Strength Through the Use of Glass-Fiber Matting

Pultrusion is a continuous process of manufacturing composite materials with constant cross-section whereby glass reinforced fibers – roving and mats – are pulled through a thermo-set resin basin, followed by a separate performing system and into a heated die where the resin undergoes polymerization.

RFP – Reinforced Fiberglass Profiles produced by the pultrusion process are given added lateral strength through the use of glass-fiber matting. Longitudinal forces are absorbed by glass-fiber roving, which are arranged within the profile’s core.

Pultrusion Roving are narrow, cylindrical in shape (like a rope), with a finish suitable for their respective molding processes.
Continuous Filament Mats are made from randomly orientated, continuous filaments of E-glass fibers, held together with a binder suitable for use with resins such as Polyester, Vinyl ester, epoxy and polyurethane. By selecting the right balance of glass fibers (roving and mats), types of resin and our meticulous production process.
Pas-Gon Engineers and production team are able to manufacture RFP profiles, which meet customer’s specifications, requirements and needs.
All of Pas-Gon profiles are manufactured to resist and withstand damaging weathering affects and UV rays. These strong, durable, high performance profiles are an excellent alternative to materials such as steel, aluminum and wood – and are the preferred choice in highly corrosive environments.