Pas-Gon is a Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic Profiles manufacturer by  Pultrusion process. We offer a wide range of Fiberglass Profiles including rods, bars, Fiberglass rebars, Fiberglass tubes, beams, angles, U channels, ladder frames, Fiber glass ladders profiles, access ladders, Fiberglass tool handles, staircases, handrails, overpasses and platforms.

Fiberglass ladders were originally developed for electrical utilities but have increasingly gained acceptance in various industries, especially in highly corrosive environments, for professionals and for homeowners. Read More

Pas-Gon Fiberglass Reinforced Rebars are made by the Pultrusion process in which strands of glass fibers (roving) are pulled through a basin with thermo setting Resin (mostly Vinyl ester) Read More

Originally designed for industrial tools, fiberglass tool handles have gained wide acceptance for use in tools made for professionals as well as homeowners.
Fiberglass tool handles are designed for a variety of tools including hammers, axes, picks, shovels, rakes and pruners. Read More



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